Old Self New

What would You have me do?

I want to follow You

Evil is all around

In and without it is found

Prideful, unrighteous and stained

All hopeless until You saved

What blessed atonement

Unfathomable moment

A joyful surrender

By this faithless pretender

This life is but a breath

Give purpose until my death

One life to honor You

That others may know You too

Courage and love and grace

Holy and pure in this place

My soul cries out to You

For none of these I can do

Apart from You my God

My purity is a fraud

My holiness, delusion

My love, selfish ambition

My courage, ignoble

My graciousness, immobile

Oh let my old self die

For in this body I sigh

Groaning for Your return

To no longer sin I yearn

The old has passed away

No longer in sin’s dread sway

In Christ a new creation

Glorious reformation

Oh sanctify Your child

Make holy what is defiled

Let me live what is true

So that in me they see You


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