Riding Sorrow

Dread sorrow roared and shook its mane

Its ravenous eyes threatening pain

It seemed to want to tear me up

And drink my blood as from a cup


Hope flew round me like a sparrow

Showed a way that seemed quite narrow

Up a steep and treacherous way

I tried to climb without delay


The goal was never quite in view

Sorrow desired a rendezvous

I slipped and slid into its lair

And laid there captive to despair


In the darkness I could not see

But sorrow came and layed by me

And now I know and am quite sure

That sorrow has teeth but also fur


So I sat up, hope swooping down

The darkness had not lost its frown

But sorrow’s proved to be quite strong

And hope can sing the sweetest song


I don’t know how this will end

But I’ve learned that sorrow’s a friend

That when I ride upon it’s back

I go to One who’s love won’t slack


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