Forgetful Me


Forgetful me remember what He’s done

That nothing has His providence outrun

He spoke: light, dust, breath, soul, man, life begun


Forgetful me remember, death it came

Lies believed, sin conceived, the birth of shame

But hope, evil crushed, blood removed your stain


Forgetful me remember, don’t look back

Longing for earthly pleasures that you lack

Grasp the Hand that guides through life’s hidden track


Forgetful me remember God came down

Exchanging glory for a thorny crown

In salvation’s joy let your sorrows drown


Forgetful me remember, don’t forget

He will not forget you, no need to fret

Not one lost. His death canceled all your debt


Forgetful me, remember to follow

For better, for worse, in joy, in sorrow

Trusting Christ for today and tomorrow


Forgetful me remember to love Him

Though you’re empty and the future looks grim

He’ll take your cup and fill it to the brim


Forgetful me remember His kindness

His steadfast love and His fierce tenderness

My soul don’t fear, your God is measureless

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