You know how to have fun

Whether putting your mullet in a ponytail to make your little girl laugh

Dancing with her to the blast of your klipsch speakers. Lost hearing anyone?

Or going out when she was 25, in the rain, at night, just to get wet. We double checked and mud puddles still splash

You know how to love

Your patience and wisdom keeps me thanking God for granting me such an earthly daddy

When doubt crescendoed in me as a teen you cared for my soul and kept guiding my gaze to our Father above

Remembering that time makes my heart happy

You know how to be there

Dropping anything and everything when you find out I’m hurt or troubled

Remembering the most important thing, prayer

And knowing that sometimes I just need to be cuddled

Just so you know I love you

Just so you know I will never forget ripping down dirt roads with christian rock blaring

Just so you know you embodied faithfulness as I grew

Just so you know I know that faithfulness is the work our Father in heaven and I love being on the front row to watch what He’s making

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