My thoughts so easily jumble

Joining my dreams like a pile of rubble 

I tasted

I saw

I thought it was good

But the Giver is better

He understood 

I needed to love more deeply

To take each moment meekly

The gift given

The gift taken

Both His love’s token

And though my soul still crumples

When I see Him 

Every burden tumbles

He is loosening my roots in this forlorn world

Beginning my transplantation 

For His kingdom yet to be unfurled

My rubble of dreams 

Is not what it seems

But freshly turned soil 

With dead things ploughed under 

Life will uncoil

It is right then 

That I feel dug-up and out of place

My Gardener 

He is preparing me for a different space

Than where I now reside

I am not being cast aside


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