You (A Prayer)

You know the love I have for You

And when I’m sinful and untrusting too

You know the things that I regret

How when You teach I soon forget

And yet You love

You speak my darkness into light 

You take my heart and give it sight

When I’m blinded and confused 

Wondering if I’m still pursued

By Your love

You see when silence hides my wrestling 

And when silence is a peaceful thing

When joking comes to hide the tears

And when joy shatters these nagging fears

Through Your love

You see the pain You see the heartache

You hold my hope still when my hands shake

Else I’d have dropped it long ago

But in Your hands You make it grow

In Your love 

You know the future You know the past

And how long my life will last

You know the purpose for each sorrow

So even if there’s death tomorrow 

I trust Your love


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