Lydia Grace

Every day with you is a gift not promised

A new morning mercy that breaks through night’s darkness

To hold you is a grace given 

One that tomorrow could be taken

A beautiful moment to cherish 

With no guarantee it will replenish

Little one this is what death has taught me about life

And about love, and how time can cut joy like a knife 

So I will keep holding your little frame

And singing to you His name

Because dishes and dusting can wait

While I praise God for what He can create

And enjoy each little breath you take

Asleep in my arms, my love for you making my heart ache

Your sleepy smiles making me wonder what you’re dreaming

And making me dream of hearing you giggling 

My little girl if your eyes ever read these words

Then remember the One who cares for the birds

Remember your mama told you to look to Jesus 

Because in His love we can be fearless

Because He is a redeemer and friend

Because He knows how to make a beginning from an end

Because one day He will bind all that’s broken together

Handing out joy with no measure

Because I want to dance those glassy golden streets with you

Rejoicing in the One who makes all things new.


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