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I’ve lived the last year relatively uninspired. It feels odd with a year of the stuff that should. Intense joy, intense pain, much change and until recently a decent amount of time. I’m still not sure why I’ve struggled to lift a pen but I’ve been told countless times that when you feel stuck to just write something, so I’m writing something. There is so much I could write about. The joy of being newly weds, how we have fought to communicate and stay close, how that has born the fruit of a love that daily deepens, how we lost our first baby and now hold our second, how I survived one Canadian winter, how I’m trying not to think about the coming one, how green it gets here in the summer and the blessing it is to live by a lake when you are a country girl in a city, how my hoped for home-birth turned into a hospital inducement, how I saw God’s kindness through that, how I’ve been constantly amazed at the patient love of my husband, how he cared for me as I wrestled through postpartum baby blues, how we enjoy watching each other love on our baby girl, how her smile gives me so much joy, how God has blessed us with many dear brothers and sisters in Christ from our church who care for us and love us well, how God has been faithful every day even when I am not. Maybe someday I will write more about those things, maybe not but for now it is just good to write something.

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