Little One

While I’m humming

you’re busy becoming

I turned around

and I’ve found

you’ve gain another pound

little one

I’m teaching you

but you teach me too

with your eyes so blue

your piles of smiles

and wiggly giggles

reminding me that joy ripples

that I should drink in the sunshine

and walk every coastline

trace a tree’s outline

and listen to a wind chime

to know it’s no waste of time

to stop in the woods just to smell the pine

soaking in each detail of Divine design

in this world that loves to glory in grime

you are one of His stars that shine

reminding me that life can rhyme

while joy and sadness intertwine

2 thoughts on “Little One

  1. You got this precious gift that was given to you and Kaleb. You have her for a time and then always keep giving her back to the Lord.
    I know you see and appreciate that from God!
    Beautiful words!

    Liked by 1 person

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